Fumika Koda (1986-present, Japanese)

Fumika Koda, cat artistFumika Koda (1986-present, Japanese) is a contemporary artist whose works concentrate on capturing her own cats. Her paintings depict her very close relationship with her cats. Soft and delicate, her works are painted on silk. Koda mixes ancient Japanese style with her own unique style.

Koda is a graduate of Kyoto University of Art and Design and the winner of the 2008 President’s Award for New Graduates at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. Koda has also exhibited in Japan and France. Her works can be viewed and purchased at the Sato Sakura Gallery in New York City.

Fumika Koda says,  “When I was a third year at university, I began picking up abandoned cats. Since then, I have grown more and more fond of my animals, and ultimately decided to make them the sole focus of my painting. I almost always pose them staring directly at the viewer, as if to give them their power back over the people who left them.

In the early years, I was frequently upset by and quite triggered by the reality of the cats’ abandonment at the hands of irresponsible owners. But over time, I instead began to be more infatuated and charmed by their idiosyncratic mannerism, their unbelievable flexibility, and their many amusing faces and behaviours. They never cease to fascinate me, which is why I have never tired of painting them.

Before I discovered my love of cats and began adopting them, I hadn’t been a particularly good student at art school. However, after I found I loved painting my cats, I began painting seriously, all the time – inspired by my new found love for my subject. I don’t believe that I would have become the artist I am today if I had not begun adopting cats.

Although their lives had been all but forfeited by their previous owners at one time, I have grown to consider all my cats as incredibly important members of my family. I am so happy for the opportunity to share my works with a new audience overseas in New York City.”



Fumika Koda, Black Cat




Fumika Koda, Seated Black Cat











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