Walasse Ting (1929-2010, Chinese)

Walasse Ting, cat artistWalasse Ting (1929-2010, Chinese) was born in Shanghai and is famous for his colorful paintings of cats, women and other animals. In 1946, he left Shanghai and moved to Paris where he participated in the avant-guard life. After almost a decade in Paris, he moved to New York and became influenced by pop art and Abstract Expressionism. In fact, his cats are similar to those of Andy Warhol, but fatter.  In 1970, he won the Guggenheim Fellowship Award, a great achievement having been a self-taught artist. His works can be found in the Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Tate Modern, and many others.

Ting was not only a painter but also a writer, authoring 13 books, some featuring his own poetry.

In 2002, Ting suffered a brain hemorrhage and was no longer able to paint. He died in 2010 in the Netherlands.


Blue Cat - Walasse Ting 1981



Walasse Ting - White Pussy

Walasse Ting, Black Cat, 1981

Black Cat, 1981



Walasse Ting, Cat by Flowering Bushes

Cat by Flowering Bushes



Walasse Ting, Cat in the Garden, 1981

Cat in the Garden, 1981



Walasse Ting, Cat on Red

Cat on Red



Walasse Ting, Cat with Pink Background

Cat with Pink Background



Walasse Ting, Cats with Flowers

Cats with Flowers



Walasse Ting, Cats




Walasse Ting, Orange and Blue Cats

Orange and Blue Cats




Walasse Ting, Pink Cat

Pink Cat



Walasse Ting, Purple Cat Lying Down

Purple Cat Lying Down



Walasse Ting, Three Cats

Three Cats



Walasse Ting, Two Blue and White Cats

Two Blue and White Cats



Walasse Ting, Two Blue Cats

Two Blue Cats



Walasse Ting, Two Cats and Yellow Flowers

Two Cats and Yellow Flowers



Walasse Ting, White Cat and Flowers

White Cat and Flowers



Walasse Ting, White Cat

White Cat



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