Stephen Darbishire (1940- present, British)

Stephen Darbishire cat artistStephen Darbishire (1940- present, British) is a contemporary artist who lives in the English Lake District. Highly influenced by his surroundings, Darbishire concentrates on cottage and farm house interiors. These impressionistic paintings display a use of primarily spring colors with sunlight pouring through windows.  Darbishire includes his cats in these quiet domestic paintings by placing them in typical cat poses by fires in open hearths, on tables, window ledges, and of course napping on couches and in chairs.  The viewer cannot help but want to step into these lovely works of art.

Darbishire’s father was a doctor and his mother a singer. Upon leaving school, he trained under Da Fano and received a scholarship to the Byam Shaw School. He traveled throughout Europe and officially started his career as an artist in 1983. In that year, Darbishire exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and others. He then became a member of The Royal Society of British Artists.

“Living in the Lake District, my love for my surroundings has always been the main inspiration for my paintings. The interiors of cottages and farm houses, sunlight pouring through windows, fires burning in open hearths, tables laid for afternoon tea, vases of flowers from hedgerows and celebrations of the seasons. I paint in oils on board, in a traditional manner, mostly from sketches in my studio but also from life.”

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Cat in Front of the Fire, Stephen Darbishire

Cat in Front of the Fire



Cat Nap, Stephen Darbishire

Cat Nap



Cat Napping by the Window, Stephen Darbishire

Cat Napping by the Window



Cat Napping on the Couch, Stephen Darbishire

Cat Napping on the Couch



Cat on a Window Ledge, Stephen Darbishire

Cat on a Window Ledge



Cats in the Livingroom, Stephen Darbishire

Cats in the Living room



In the Kitchen, Stephen Darbishire

In the Kitchen



Mimi and Polly by the Fire, Stephen Darbishire 1

Mimi and Polly by the Fire



Orange Preserves with Orange Tabby Cat, Stephen Darbishire

Orange Preserves with Orange Tabby Cat



Playing Trains Stephen Darbishire

Playing Trains



Relaxing Cats, Stephen Darbishire

Relaxing Cats



Sunday-Morning with Cat, Stephen Darbishire

Sunday-Morning with Cat



The First Snowdrop, Stephen Darbishire

The First Snowdrop



Tuxedo Cat in a Comfortable Chair, Stephen Darbishire

Tuxedo Cat in a Comfortable Chair



Waiting for Christmas, Stephen Darbishire

Waiting for Christmas


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  1. the amount of details and realism in his paintings is just incredible. I wonder how long it took him to complete each one? Simply amazing and beautiful!

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