Richard Bawden (1936-present, British)

Richard Bawden in his studioRichard Bawden (1936-present, British) was born in Braintree, Essex, England the son of the famous artist Edward Bawden.  Richard studied art at Chelsea, St. Martin’s and the Royal College of Art.

 His art is somewhat difficult to discern from that of his father. Both loved cats and include them in most of their works. Domestic and garden scenes where cats are usually seen are his dominate works. He does sketches, etchings, linocuts, and watercolors.

Richard Bawden has done book illustrations, murals, church windows, textiles, engraved glass and furniture design. In addition, he has held over 50 exhibitions in England and abroad. Today Bawden is a Council member of the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS), an elected member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE), a member of the New English Art Club (NEAC), and a former Chairman of the Gainsborough House Print Workshop in Sudbury, England. He lives in Suffolk.

Amarrylis, 2012 Richard Bawden

Amaryllis, 2012



At Home with Cat, Richard Bawden

At Home with Cat



Blue Cat, Richard Bawden

Blue Cat



By the Fire, Richard Bawden

By the Fire



Cat and Cane Sofa  Richard Bawden

Cat and Cane Sofa



Cat and Fruit, Richard Bawden

Cat and Fruit



Cat and moon teatowel by Richard Bawden

Cat and Moon Tea towel



Cat on a Chair with Cushions, Richard Bawden

Cat on a Chair with Cushions



Cats & Roses, Richard Bawden

Cats & Roses



Christmas Eve, Richard Bawden

Christmas Eve



Favourite Cat, Richard Bawden

Favourite Cat



Fizz the Cat, 2010  Richard Bawden

Fizz the Cat, 2010



Jessy, Richard Bawden, 2013

Jessy, 2013



Midnight Visitor, Richard Bawden

Midnight Visitor



My Darling Richard Bawden

My Darling



My Garden, Richard Bawden

My Garden



Prospero, Tabby Cat on a Windowsill, Richard Bawden

Prospero, Tabby Cat on a Windowsill



Richard Bawden - Kitty




Richard Bawden, Cat in a Chair

Cat in a Chair



Richard Bawden, Cat on the Table

Cat on the Table



Richard Bawden, Fireside II The Green Man, linocut

Fireside II The Green Man, linocut



Richard Bawden, Jessy




Richard Bawden. Sasha. Linocut.

Sasha, Linocut



Roses and Fresia (and tabby cat) linocut  Richard Bawden

Roses and Fresia (and tabby cat) linocut



Saltglaze Jugs (and a tabby cat) Linocut Richard Bawden

Saltglaze Jugs (and a tabby cat) Linocut



Sasha and the Christmas Cactus, Richard Bawden

Sasha and the Christmas Cactus




Sasha on skateboard etching of a cat Richard Bawden

Sasha on Skateboard etching



Tabby Cat, Richard Bawden

Tabby Cat



Tea for Two (Cats) linocut print Richard Bawden

Tea for Two (Cats) linocut print



The Birdwatcher, Richard Bawden

The Birdwatcher, 1974



The Snowstorm  etching, Richard Bawden

The Snowstorm etching



Through the Jungle, Richard Bawden

Through the Jungle



Two black roses (and a cat )  aquatint etching  Richard Bawden

Two black roses (and a cat ) aquatint etching



Two Sisters, Richard Bawden

Two Sisters



Untitled (street scene with cats) Richard Bawden

Untitled (street scene with cats)



Victorian Garden Seat with Cat, Richard Bawden

Victorian Garden Seat with Cat



Richard Bawden cat chair



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