Rachel Parker (American)

Rachel Parker, cat artistRachel Parker is an internationally collected watercolor artist.  Her work has been showcased in both local and national magazines, including the cover of the American Veterinarian Association journal.  Parker, who has studied with world renowned artist Tom Lynch, says that her inspiration is making her subject come alive through painting.  Rachel works primarily in watercolor because she loves the sense of light this medium conveys.  In all her paintings, she tries to make light the central theme.  “Dramatic lighting can make a potato sack beautiful.  Light is a life-giving force, and this is true in a painting as well – it breathes vitality and a sense of awe into the every day,” says Rachel.  As the daughter of an artist, she has always been immersed in the world of art and loves to share her passion with her patrons and the public through her website www.rachelsstudio.com.

Rachel says, “I don’t know what it is about painting cats, but I can’t get enough! I’m sure it’s those incredible eyes, which reflect their quirky personalities, intelligence, and warmheartedness. My best friend was once a cat. He would lie on my chest with his purring chin on mine, and we would fall asleep that way. I remember thinking at that moment that this was the most blissful I could possibly be. I hope whomever buys this art treasures it as a memento and celebration of all the wonderfulness that is kitty!”

If you are interested in purchasing any of these wonderful watercolor prints, just click the Paypal payment button underneath the picture. All prints are shipped directly from the artist.

Basket Case, Rachel Parker, cats in art, cat paintings

Basket Case 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Byron, Rachel Parker, cats in art

Byron 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Floored II, Rachel Parker, cat watercolors

Floored II 8 ” X 10″ $25.00


Smoke Grey, Rachel Parker, cat paintings

Smoke Grey “8 X 10” $25.00


Himlayan, cats in watercolor

Himalayan 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Beauty Sleep, Rachel Parker

Beauty Sleep “10 X 12” $25.00


Hum's Bliss, cats in paintings

Hum’s Bliss 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Hum's Slice of Sun, cats in art, cat paintings

Hum’s Slice of Sun 10″ X 12″ $25.00


Hum Lit, Rachel Parker, cats in paintings

Hum Lit “10 X 12” $25.00


Inky, Rachel Parker, cat art, cat watercolors

Inky 8″ X 10″ $25.00


I Purr Therefore I Am, Rachel Parker, cat print

I Purr Therefore I Am 8″ X 10″ $25.00


On the Fence, art cat

On the Fence “8 X 10” $25.00


Pepper, cats in watercolor, cats in art

Pepper 10″ X 11″ $25.00


Prince Charming, cat paintings

Prince Charming 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Sadie Sweet, black cats in art

Sadie Sweet 10″ X 12″ $25.00


Sit with Lavender, Rachel Parker siamese cat in art

Sit with Lavender 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Sally's Tabby, cats in paintings, cats in art

Sally’s Tabby 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Toasty Tuxedo, Tuxedo cats in art

Toasty Tuxedo 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Tonkinese, Rachel Parker, cat artist, cats in art

Tonkinese 8″ X 10″ $25.00


Mickey and Friend, cats in contemporary art

Mickey and Friend 16″ X 10″ $25.00


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