Pamela Blanchfield (1952-present, British)

Pamela Blanchfield (1952-present, British) Pamela Blanchfield (1952-present, British) attended Art College and worked in a graphic design studio in Liverpool creating art with various special needs and youth groups in the community.

Blanchfield has produced several series of historical cards and her line drawings have been used for greeting cards.  Blanchfield accepts commissions of cats, dogs and even goats as well as flowers and buildings. Her botanical paintings were shown at the Liverpool Garden Festival opened by Queen Elizabeth II.

Blanchfield’s love of cats began when she was just a child. She grew up surrounded by fourteen cats who belonged to her Aunt.

She says, “Textiles, gardens and gardening are lifelong passions as well as cats, and especially all of the cats who have made their way to The Cats’ Hotel. I always say that there is an invisible sign only cats can read, and it leads them to the right place and the people who will love and care for them.”

Pamela Blanchfield has published 15 ebooks which form The Cat’s Hotel series.  These humorous stories are accompanied with almost 200 richly-illustrated pages that vividly describe the personalities and exploits of her fantastic cat friends.

The following are some of her paintings for Christmas.


Christmas Kitty with Stocking, Pamela Blanchfield



Ginger Cat at the Window, Pamela Blanchfield





Tabby Cat and Snowman, Pamela Blanchfield



Tuxedo Cat waiting for Christmas, Pamela Blanchfield







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