Ophelia Redpath (1965- present, British)

Ophelia Redpath, photoOphelia Redpath (1965- present, British) has always been interested in art. Born into a family of painters, Redpath attended and completed an Art Foundation Course at CCAT, Cambridge in 1984. 

In 1986, after holding many exhibitions at Cambridge Colleges and other galleries, Redpath held her first exhibition at the Benslow Music Festival.  Since then she has continuously held numerous exhibitions all over the U.K.

Over time her compositions have evolved from just being abstract and decorative to more genre specific scenes where people and animals are portrayed with vivid oil and pastel colors.  

Her works are available from several galleries and are also printed on stationery.



Artist and his Models, Ophelia Redpath

Artist and his Models



Mother Love, Ophelia Redpath

Mother Love




Ophelia Redpath (British, 20th Century) Ginger Cat on a Wall

Ginger Cat on a Wall




Ophelia Redpath, Cat in a Planter

Cat in a Planter




Ophelia Redpath, Cat Ladies

Cat Ladies




Ophelia Redpath, Lounging Cat

Lounging Cat



Ophelia Redpath, Man and Cat (2)

Man and Cat (2)




Ophelia Redpath, Man and Cat

Man and Cat




Ophelia Redpath, Moonlight watercolour





Ophelia Redpath, Morning Papers

Morning Papers




Ophelia Redpath, Naive Cat Art

Naive Cat Art




Ophelia Redpath, Two Cats on a Chest of Drawers

Two Cats on a Chest of Drawers




Ophelia Redpath, White Cats

White Cats




Ophelia Redpath, White Mischief

White Mischief




The Art Hunters, Ophelia Redpath

The Art Hunters




Topper and Tea, Ophelia Redpath

Topper and Tea


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