Natalya Trubina (1953- present, Russian)

Natalya Trubina photoNatalya Trubina (1953- present, Russian) was born in St. Petersberg and attended the Mukhina Art School and graduated in 1979. In 1991, she was elected a member of the Russian Artists’ Union. Since 1982 she has been exhibiting regularly in Russia, Finland, Germany, Sweden and the United States.

Her distinctive style of cat paintings is refreshing and colorful. Using her own cat as a model, her works are happy and calming.




Autumn Cat Natalya Trubina

Autumn Cat




Cat in the Window Natalya Trubina

Cat in the Window




Country Still Life - Natalya Trubina

Country Still Life




My Cat - Trubina Natalya

My Cat




Natalia Trubina, Black and White Cat

Black and White Cat




Natalia Trubina, Grey Cat

Grey Cat




Natalya Trubina - Pantry





Natalya Trubina - Still Life with a Cat

Still Life with a Cat




Natalya Trubina





Still Life with Cat and Lamps - Trubina Natalya

Still Life with Cat and Lamps




Tomik by Natalya Trubina



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