Maria Pavlova ( 1979- present, Russian)

Maria Pavlova cat artistMaria Pavlova ( 1979- present, Russian) studied art at St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from 1997-2003.  Since graduating, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and in France. Her works have been bought by buyers throughout the world.  Pavlova believes, “Art should trigger only positive emotions”; “I paint only things that I would like to see on my room’s wall.”

Obviously, a cat lover, Pavlova captures each feline in typical cat poses in a wonderful impressionistic style. Visit her shop here.


Bird! Maria Pavlova cats in art




Black and White Cat, Maria Pavlova

Black and White Cat



Cat and Bird, Maria Pavlova

Cat and Bird



Cat and Flowers, Maria Pavlova

Cat and Flowers



Cat and Moon, Maria Pavlova

Cat and Moon



Cat and Phone, Maria Pavlova

Cat and Phone



Cat and Sunflowers, Maria Pavlova

Cat and Sunflowers



Cat and Vase, Maria Pavlova

Cat and Vase



Cat Eating Leaves, Maria Pavlova

Cat Eating Leaves



Cat Eating Leaves, Maria Pavlova

Cat Mischief



Cat Verandah, Maria Pavlova

Cat Verandah



Cat with a Lovely View, Maria Pavlova

Cats with a Lovely View



Cat with Cherries, Maria Pavlova

Cat with Cherries



Cat with Flowers, Maria Pavlova

Cat with Flowers



Cats and Flowers, Maria Pavlova

Cat and Flowers on a Ledge



Christmas Cat, Maria Pavlova

Christmas Cat



Dinner Time



Girl and Cat Duet, Maria Pavlova

Girl and Cat Duet



Girl and Cat, Maria Pavlova

Girl and Cat



Musical Cat, Maria Pavlova

Musical Cat



Musical Ginger Cats, Maria Pavlova

Musical Ginger Cats



Nutcracker, Maria Pavlova




Piano Time, Maria Pavlova

Piano Time



Red Christmas Balls and Cat, Maria Pavlova

Red Christmas Balls and Cat



Three Cats and Pumpkins, Maria Pavlova

Three Cats and Pumpkins



Two Cats on a Chair, Maria Pavlova

Two Cats on a Chair



Two Cats on a Window Sill, Maria Pavlova

Two Cats on a Window Sill



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