Lisa Parker (1974-present, British)

Lisa Parker photoLisa Parker (1974-present, British) is a commercial wildlife artist who also paints cats as magical mystical creatures who are seen as witches’ familiars. As a child, Parker was interested in nature and drawing with pastels and watercolors being the first mediums that she used. Always having an interest in art, she studied Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth & Poole Institute of Art & Design.

Parker has exhibited in both London and New York. The designs of her works are done digitally, allowing her to make changes according to clients’ needs. The final paintings are done in oil.  

Lisa Parker has come a long way from being a struggling artist to that of one who produces hundreds of products, many of which feature black cats.  You can visit her website for more information.


Black Cat and Broom, Lisa Parker



Black Cat and Fairy, Lisa Parker



Black Cat and Quija Board, Lisa Parker



Black Cat on Magical Books, Lisa Parker

Black Cat, His Master's Voice, Lisa Parker



Cat in the Sacred Circle, Lisa Parker



Cat, Wish Upon a Star, Lisa Parker



Lisa Parker, black cat



Magical Cats

Tabby Cat and Candle, Lisa Parker



Tabby Cat



Tarot Reader




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