Karen Hollingsworth (1955- present, American)

Karen Hollingsworth (1955- present, American)Karen Hollingsworth (1955- present, American) began painting portraits and still life arrangements. In 2002, Hollingsworth came upon an idea of painting window-scapes. Known for these uniquely calming, light and airy views, she sometimes includes her cat in these large oil paintings. She believes that paintings should evoke feelings, but does not include human figures in them. The ordinary settings are minimalist and cause a spiritual reflection on the part of the viewer. Hollingsworth’s focus is on the “impression of looking through that room and seeing the view outside the room.” Hollingsworth says, “I love to create paintings that evoke a sense of the familiar. To blend the common objects of everyday life placed within the interior of a room, with a glimpse of the ocean or mountains through an open window. My ‘windowscapes’ are intended to provide the viewer with a sense of solitude and well-being. A comfortable world bathed in sunlight and warm breezes. For me, a painting is successful if I wish I were there.”

Hollingsworth lives in Atlanta with her artist husband and, of course, her cat.  You can visit her website here.


Accidental Scholar, Karen Hollingsworth, cat art

Accidental Scholar



Cat at the Window, Karen Hollingsworth

Cat at the Window



Cat in a Bag, Karen Hollingsworth

Cat in a Bag



Detail, Cat in a Bag, Karen Hollingsworth

Detail, Cat in a Bag



Cat in a Bag 2, Karen Hollingsworth

Cat in a Bag 2



Cat in a Bag 3, Karen Hollingsworth

Cat in a Bag 3



Hide Out, Karen Hollingsworth

Hide Out



Cat on a Chair, Karen Hollinsworth

Cat on a Chair



Open Window, Karen Hollingsworth

Open Window



Truce, Karen Hollingsworth



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  1. Nancy Keegan says

    Mimi Vang Olsen captures real cats just like mine at home. She really seems to capture what they are thinking and that is not an easy thing to do.

  2. Love, love, love Karen’t work!!! So talented!! My ONLY suggestion, is that bag handles when left on bags are strangling hazards for cats (my cat once became tangled in a plastic bag handle) and I have heard of other cats being accidentally choked by handles on paper bags……..on future paintings, maybe she could remove that component? Otherwise, her work is just exquisite!

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