Juan Bejar (1946-present, Spanish)

Juan Béjar with his paintingJuan Bejar (1946-present, Spanish) is a popular surrealist painter with a unique style. His main subjects are children with round pale faces that have seemingly dead, emotionless eyes. The children are placed in highly detailed surroundings and are often accompanied by a cat or two. Almost always looking straight forward, they resemble dolls.  They could also be based upon Spanish court jesters that were very popular. The detail


of their surroundings and their clothing contrasts with their plain emotionless faces.

Bejar has defined these works as “poisoned sweets” of realism blended with naivety.  His works are based on symbolism and metaphor. Many include frogs which symbolize wealth and long life.  Likewise, the cat, as is typical, symbolizes the moon, fertility and evil. Dogs are juxtaposed as loyal and obedient. Definitely thought provoking, these works are in many ways troubling.

Juan Béjar 2016, Memoria de los Sentimientos

Memoria de los Sentimientos, 2016




Girl, Plant, Dog and Cat, Juan Bejar

Girl, Plant, Dog and Cat




Girl, Dog and Cat, Juan Bejar

Girl, Dog and Cat




Girl with Two Cats, Juan Bejar

Girl with Two Cats




Girl with Grey Cat, Juan Bejar

Girl with Grey Cat




Girl and Cat, Juan Bejar

Girl and Cat




Boy, Bird, Frog and Cat, Juan Bejar

Boy, Bird, Frog and Cat




Boy with Cat in a Hat, Juan Bejar

Boy with Cat in a Hat




Boy Lifting Weights with Cat, Juan Bejar

Boy Lifting Weights with Cat




Boy in Black Suite with Cat, Juan Bejar

Boy in Black Suite with Cat




Boy and Lion, Juan Bejar

Boy and Lion



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