Jonelle Summerfield ( ??? to present, American)

Jonelle Summerfield with her CatsJonelle Summerfield ( ??? to present, American) is a contemporary oil painter who started painting in 2001 under the tutelage of her mother. Summerfield is an impressionistic painter who uses unique and vivid colors for her subjects. She says, “I represent fleeting moments, usually with high contrast lighting that depicts the time of day, and therefore the passage of time. With my paintings, my goal is to remind people of the good things in a world that can be chaotic.”  Working from photographs from her extensive travels, she paints street scenes, interiors, landscapes in addition to her many adopted cats who, of course, can be chaotic by nature.

Find more of her works here at the Ugallery. You can also visit her blogspot and Facebook page.





Jonelle Summerfield, The Princess

The Princess




Jonelle Summerfield, Taking a Nap

Taking a Nap




Jonelle Summerfield, Tabby on the Table

Tabby on the Table




Jonelle Summerfield, Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat




Jonelle Summerfield, Seated Cat

Seated Cat




Jonelle Summerfield, Please Don't Eat the Sunflowers

Please Don’t Eat the Sunflowers




Jonelle Summerfield, On the Sink

On the Sink




Jonelle Summerfield, Oliver





Jonelle Summerfield, Looking out the Window

Looking out the Window




Jonelle Summerfield, Kitten with Green Feather Toy

Kitten with Green Feather Toy




Jonelle Summerfield, Emily, Portrait 2

Emily, Portrait 2




Jonelle Summerfield, Dining Room Table with Cat and Books

Dining Room Table with Cat and Books




Jonelle Summerfield, Comfy Cat

Comfy Cat




Jonelle Summerfield, Cat Shaped Sink

Cat Shaped Sink




Jonelle Summerfield, Cat on a Throw

Cat on a Throw




Jonelle Summerfield, Cat and Cake

Cat and Cake




Jonelle Summerfield, Camo Cat

Camo Cat


Jonelle Summerfield, Calico Cat

Calico Cat




Jonelle Summerfield, Cake Thief

Cake Thief




Jonelle Summerfield, Cake Thief 2

Cake Thief 2




Jonelle Summerfield, Bed, Bath and Yellow Light Beyond

Bed, Bath and Yellow Light Beyond




Jonelle Summerfield, Asleep on a Throw

Asleep on a Throw




Jonelle Summerfield, Alfred




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  1. oh my her work is delightful! The sunflower one and the third one are my favorites!

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