Jerzy Marek (1925-2014, Polish)

Jerzy Marek, Cat ArtistJerzy Marek (1925-2014, Polish) moved to England in 1948 after serving in WWII in the British Army. Marek first started painting in 1967 and was primarily self-taught.  He is known for his small scale primitive-naive pieces which show a variety of cats with enigmatic expressions in interiors and in pastoral scenes. These paintings use several layers of paint which give them a deep rich appearance. His works have been exhibited worldwide, and he is mentioned in the Rona Guide to the world of Naïve Art.  Marek died in 2014 at age 90.



Adam and Eve, Jerzy Marek

Adam and Eve



All in One Chair, Jerzy Marek

All in One Chair



At Home, Jerzy Marek

At Home



Bonny and Clyde, Jerzy Marek

Bonny and Clyde



Cat and Fruit, Jerzy Marek

Cat and Fruit



Cats in the Dining Room, Jerzy Marek

Cats in the Dining Room



Cats on a Chair, Jerzy Marek

Cats on a Chair



Face to Face, Jerzy Marek

Face to Face



Family Portrait, Jerzy Marek

Family Portrait



Gemini Photograph, Jerzy Marek

Gemini Photograph



Jerzy Marek, Two Striped Cats

Two Striped Cats



Overfed, Jerzy Marek




Partners, Jerzy Marek




Roses and Old Lace, Jerzy Marek

Roses and Old Lace



Sea Lions, Jerzy Marek

Sea Lions



Sitting Pretty, Jerzy Marek (1925-2014)

Sitting Pretty



Tango, Jerzy Marek




The Cats' Table, Jerzy Marek

The Cats’ Table



The Guardians, Jerzy Marek

The Guardians



The Sitting Room, Jerzy Marek

The Sitting Room



Two Cats and Fruit, Jerzk Marek

Two Cats and Fruit



Two Cats and Fruit, Jerzy Marek

Two Cats and Fruit



Two Cats with a Green Background, Jerzy Marek

Two Cats with a Green Background



Two White Cats with Flowers, Jerzy Marek

Two White Cats with Flowers



Under the Table, Jerzy Marek

Under the Table


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