Jean Gaumy (1948-present, French)

Jean Gaumy, photoJean Gaumy (1948-present, French) born in Pontaillac, Charente-Maritime, France became interested photography while a student at university in Rouen.  He began selling his photos to fund his education and joined the Gamma agency in 1973 , later joining Magnum in 1977.  His first works concentrated on hospitals and prisons and were published in books in 1975 and 1983. As a filmmaker, he produced his first film in 1984.  

His black and white photographs of his cats Pataud (which means awkward, heavy) and Miou reflect his love of cats and his ability to capture their unique “catness”.  Gaumy has said, “Taking pictures is like fishing or writing. It’s getting out of the unknown that which resists and refuses to come to light.”

Gaumy has traveled widely, and now lives with his wife and son in Normandy.


1989, Pataud, Jean Gaumy

Pataud, 1989




Alexis The Cat, Jean Gaumy

Alexis the Cat




Jean Gaumy Cat Cleaning Itself, 1998 France

Cat Cleaning Itself, 1998 France




Jean Gaumy Miou 1983

Miou, 1983




Jean Gaumy Zoe in the Sink, 1997

Zoe in the Sink, 1997




Jean Gaumy, 1990, Zoe the cat

Marie, our cat Zoe and teddy bear ” Barnabe “, 1990




Jean Gaumy, Cat in the Plants

Pataud the Cat in the Plants




Jean Gaumy, Kitten 1999

Kitten 1999




Jean Gaumy, Miou 1981

Miou 1981




Jean Gaumy, Our Cat Pataud on the Carpet

Our Cat Pataud on the Carpet




Jean Gaumy, Our Cat Pataud

Our Cat Pataud




Jean Gaumy, Zoe the Cat and Family, 1989

Zoe the Cat and Family, 1989




Miou family cat 1985, Jean Gaumy

Miou Family Cat 1985




Our Cat Pataud in the Garden, Jean Gaumy

Our Cat Pataud in the Garden




Our cat Pataud, 1999 Jean Gaumy

Our cat Pataud, 1999




Pataud the Cat 1999, Jean Gaumy

Pataud the Cat 1999




Our Cat Zoe, Jean Gaumy

Our Cat Zoe




Pataud in the Sink, Jean Gaumy

Pataud in the Sink




Pataud our Cat,  2001 Jean Gaumy

Pataud our Cat, 2001 




Pataud the Cat 2001, Jean Gaumy

Pataud the Cat 2001




Pataud the Cat,  1999-2 Jean Gaumy

Pataud the Cat, 1999




Pataud, Jean Gaumy (2)





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