Jane Lewis (British)

Jane Lewis, cats in art, cats in paintings

Jane with her cat Tobias in her studio

The painter and print-maker Jane Lewis has devoted much of her life to the visual arts. She first studied at Hornsey College of Art and then later at The Slade, where she won The Slade Prize in 1977 and subsequently taught. In addition, she has received numerous  awards from the Fellowship in Drawing by the Henry Moore Foundation, the Arts Council England and Oppenhein-John Downes Memorial Trust to name but a few.   

Jane uses primarily oils on canvas, pastels as well as drawing and print-making in her studio based work. Her technique is influenced by artists of the early Italian and Northern European Renaissance as well as the ancient Roman frescoes of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Ostia. Her art deals with the ambiguous and surreal, and often includes cats as metaphorical symbols. Several cats have been her companions throughout her life, and Jane says, “I think that cats (all kinds, domestic and wild) are among the most beautiful of creatures. I like their looks, their character and sensuousness, and therefore it is natural that I should want to include a cat from time to time in my painting.” 

 Jane’s work can be found on book covers, in art catalogues and magazines, and she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the UK and in Europe.

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Jane Lewis, Cat Mask, cats in art

Cat Mask


Jane Lewis, Double Portrait, cat paintings, cats in art

Double Portrait


Jane Lewis, The Caress, cat paintings

The Caress


Jane Lewis, Japanese Blind, cats in art, cats and women

Japanese Blind


Jane Lewis, La Scultura, cats and women, cats in art

La Scultura


Jane Lewis, Laughing Cat, cats in paintings

Laughing Cat


Jane Lewis, Menagerie, cats in art



Jane Lewis, Tybert the Cat, art cats

Tybert the Cat


Jane Lewis, Girl with Toy Cat, art cats, cat paintings

Girl with Toy Cat


Jane Lewis, Dressing the Cat (1), cats in art

Dressing the Cat (1)




Jane Lewis, Dressing the Cat (2) paintings with cats

Dressing the Cat (2)


Jane Lewis, Geometrist



Jane Lewis, The Harlequin's Cat, Cats in paintings

The Harlequin’s Cat


Jane Lewis, Madam Chilli, women and cats

Madam Chilli


Jane Lewis, Stars and Clouds, cats in art

Stars and Clouds
Oil on Canvas
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