Hilary Jones ( ?? to present, British)

Hilary Jones, cat artistHilary Jones ( ?? to present, British) attended the Hornsea College of Art. Having grown up with an interest in art, she has always loved it. However, because her parents did not encourage her, Jones pursued a career in Optics and trained as a Dispensing Optician.

Now that Jones is retired, she has more time to devote to her true love of painting. Her works have been exhibited at the Molesey Art Society and Oxshott Arts and Crafts Society.

Jones works in watercolors, acrylics, pastels and resin. Her love of nature is quite apparent in her works featuring cats. These are bright, cheerful and filled with spring colors. The featured cats always show some attitude, so it is obvious that Jones has some insight into cat behavior.

You can visit her Facebook page and purchase her works from various online stores.


cats in art



Cat and Long Grass, Hilary Jones

Cat and Long Grass


Going My Way, Hilary Jones

Going My Way


Gordon's Cat, Hilary Jones

Gordon’s Cat


Spring Cats, Hilary Jones

Spring Cats


Tabby in Autumn, HIilary Jones

Tabby in Autumn


The Carpenter's Cat, Hilary Jones

The Carpenter’s Cat


The Gobbler, Hilary Jones

The Gobbler


The Cat in the Moon, Hilary Jones

The Cat in the Moon


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