E.B. Watts, Lady Bromley-Davenport (1940-present, American)

EB Watts, ArtistE.B. Watts, Lady Bromley-Davenport (1940-present, American) is a contemporary artist who produces lovely and colorful depictions of various animals. Her works, which include cats, are whimsical and entertaining. Many of her paintings are produced as prints and greeting cards.

Watts studied art at the Italian Art Academy in Rome and has exhibited her works in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In 1962, she married William Bromley-Davenport of Capesthorne Hall, UK.

Her website can be visited here.



EB Watts, Cats and a Wheelbarrow

Cats and a Wheelbarrow



EB Watts, Cats and Pasta

Cats and Pasta



EB Watts, Cats on a Patchwork Sofa

Cats on a Patchwork Sofa



EB Watts, Cats, Fish Dreams

Cats, Fish Dreams




EB Watts, Tiger Family in Thai Clothes

Tiger Family in Thai Clothes






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