Dianne Woods (?? to present, American)

Dianne Woods, cat artistDianne Woods ( ?? to present, American) is a commercial photographer/artist who graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1977.

Woods made a transition as she says, “from film to pixels”. Hence she started to pursue a career as a digital artist. Her works are a mixture of her talent in photography and her use of digital tools. Woods says, “ I’m inspired by beautiful light, color, great design and cats.  I’m known for my cats.” 

Many of her works are found on calendars and cards as well as wall art.

Today Dianne Woods lives happily in Berkeley with her husband and her tuxedo cat Sunny, who is featured in many of her works. 


Dianne Woods, Cat and Flowers



Dianne Woods, Cat in a Bag



Dianne Woods, Ginger Cat Sleeping



Dianne Woods, Kitten and Flowers



Dianne Woods, Kitten on the Table



Dianne Woods, Kittens



Dianne Woods, Morning Sun



Dianne Woods, Morning Wash



Dianne Woods, Tabby Cat



Dianne Woods, Tabby with Tulips



Dianne Woods, Tabby with Yellow Flowers



Dianne Woods, The Stare



Dianne Woods, Tuxedo Cat with Pumpkins



Dianne Woods, Tuxedo in Fall Colors



Dianne Woods,Ginger Cat with Pumpkins



Tuxedo Cat with Flowers, Dianne Woods



Dianne Woods, Black and White Cat Photo



Dianne Woods, Black and White Cat 2



Dianne Woods, Black and White Cat 3



Dianne Woods, Black and White Cat 4



Dianne Woods, Black and White Cat 5



Dianne Woods, Black and White Cat 6


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