Diane Hoeptner (American)

Diane Hoeptner cats in art, cats in contemporary art, cat paintingsDiane Hoeptner grew up in rural Ohio.  She moved to L.A. in the 80’s and stayed for 17 years.  During that time, she completed a BA in Studio Arts at CAL State Northridge and later enjoyed work as an animator for video games and film.  Diane Hoeptner is best known for her cat paintings which have been featured in Modern Cat Magazine and The Artist’s Magazine.  Her floral art has been distributed as posters and cards by Wild Apple Graphics, American Greetings and Current INC. She maintains a blog that has been rated by Blog Rank and Alexa as one of the top 75 on the internet.  Diane currently resides “back home” in Ohio with her husband and a cat named Coco. 








Brooding Coco, cats in art, Diane Hoeptner cat paintings

Brooding Coco


Cat and Butterfly V diane hoeptner cat paintings, cats in art

Cat and Butterfly V


Derby Cat, cats in art diane Hoeptner cat paintings

Derby Cat


Eye on Butterfly Diane Hoeptner, cats in art

Eye on Butterfly


Fly Away Diane Hoeptner cat paintings, cats in art

Fly Away


Freesia Fran Diane Hoeptner, cats in art

Freesia Fran


Hilda, cats in art



I'm Listening Diane Hoeptner, cats in art

I’m Listening


Pretty on PInk, cats in art, cat paintings

Pretty on Pink


Profiled, cat paintings



Tangy, cat paintings



The Suspect Diane Hoeptner cat paintings

The Suspect


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