Dahlov Ipcar (1917-2017, American)

Dahlov Ipcar with one of her cats in her studio, 2013

Dahlov Ipcar (1917-2017, American) was born in Vermont and was raised in Greenwich Village, New York City. Encouraged by her parents who were both artists, Ipcar started painting at a very young age.

After her marriage, Ipcar moved to Georgetown, Maine and started a farm with her husband. They grew their own food and sold eggs and milk for spending money. For many years they even lived without electricity.

Ipcar is known as a painter, illustrator and author. She authored four fantasy novels and illustrated many children’s books.

Dahlov Ipcar with her cat

Ipcar was the first woman and youngest artist to hold a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC in 1939.

Dahlov Ipcar with her Calico cat

Many characterize her art as colorful and cheerful and by the 70’s her work included intricate patterns and geometric designs and also featured many of her own cats. Most of her works consist of stylized animals both wild and from her farm.

Cat, Dahlov Ipcar

One of her many books is The Cat at Night, and features a cat’s prowling through city and country and compares what animals and humans perceive.

Dahlov Ipcar

In addition to her many paintings, she also produced large scale murals for the U.S. Post Office in La Follette, Tennessee and Yukon, Oklahoma as well as for several other locations.

Catfest, Dahlov Ipcar

Today her works can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum of Fine Art in New York.

You can check out her store here.  


Cats 2, Dahlov Ipcar


Chess Cat

Chess Cat, 2004


Cat on Cushions


 Woodblock print of cat


Garden of Feline Delights


Golden Yin and Silver Yang

Golden Yin and Silver Yang


Grendels Nest

Grendel’s Nest


Tuxedo Cat 2


Tuxedo Cat art


Two Cats in art


Two Tabby Cats in fine art



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