Chrissie Snelling ( ?? to present, British)

Chrissie Snelling Cat ArtistChrissie Snelling ( ?? to present, British) is a fine art painter and illustrator who mainly depicts animals, especially cats.

Snelling graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Illustration and briefly worked as a commercial illustrator concentrating on animal art. Her depictions of cats are simple and colorful and capture her subjects’ natural behavior and personalities.

Today she does private commissions of mostly cats and dogs. Her calendars and other publications are available from her website or from Amazon.


Chrissie Snelling, Black Cat Christmas


Chrissie Snelling, Christmas Cat


Chrissie Snelling, Mailbox Kittens


Chrissie Snelling, Black Cat


Chrissie Snelling, Cat on a Mailbox


Chrissie Snelling, Cat on a Mailbox


Chrissie Snelling, Potted Cats


Chrissie Snelling, Porcelain cats


Chrissie Snelling, Tabby Cat


Chrissie Snelling, Tuxedo Cat


cat art at the great cat


cats on a roof at the great cat in art



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    Wonderful artists!

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