C.M. Cooper ( ??? to present, American) 

C.M. Cooper (2) cat artistC.M. Cooper ( ??? to present, American)  is a contemporary artist who lives in Valencia, California. Her art career began with study at the Art Center College of Design and led to travels in Europe and study in Paris.  Cooper today sells her works in galleries and is also an art instructor.

Cooper has won numerous awards including the Salon International’s 2010 Top Award, Third Place in Show.  She was honored with The Museum Director’s Choice Award at the California Art Club’s 92nd annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition in 2002.  She is a member of several prestigious art organizations including the Oil Painters of America and the American Society of Portrait Painters.

Cooper’s style is impressionistic and romantic.  Her subjects are of lounging women, ballet dancers and cats. Her cats are painted in broad strokes and capture the animals in typical cat behaviors. The bond between women and cats is also seen in her works. You can visit her website here.


C.M. Cooper , White Cat

White Cat



C.M. Cooper cats



Catnap, C.M. Cooper




CM Cooper, Holding the Cat

Holding the Cat



CM Cooper, Looking out the Window

Looking out the Window



Gifts of Joy, CM Cooper

Gifts of Joy



Detail, Gifts of Joy. C.M. Cooper

Detail, Gifts of Joy



Grey Kitty, CM Cooper

Grey Kitty



My Favorite Chair by C.M. Cooper

My Favorite Chair



Newsworthy, CM Cooper



Starlight, CM Cooper




Thirsty, CM Cooper




Vanity Reflections

Vanity Reflections



White Cat, CM Cooper

White Cat


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