Antonio Guzman Capel (1960-present, Spanish)

Antonio Guzman Capel, photoAntonio Guzman Capel (1960-present, Spanish) is a Spanish hyper-realist painter born in Tétouan, Morocco. Capel, a self-taught painter, showed talent for art when just a child and held his first exhibition at just age eleven. Then at fourteen, he held an exhibition in Switzerland where he was recognized as a true talent.

His works are hard to discern from photographs because they are so real. Capel’s cat paintings capture the animal in all kinds of situations with a completely realistic manner. So vivid are the paintings that it seems the cats will jump off the canvases and right into our arms.

Today Capel’s works can be found in Spanish museums, and he regularly exhibits his works in galleries.



Antonio Guzman Capel-1, cat art



Antonio Guzman Capel-2, cat art



Antonio Guzman Capel-3, cats in art



Antonio Guzman Capel-4, cats in art



Antonio Guzman Capel-5, cats in art



Antonio Guzman Capel-6



Antonio Guzman Capel-7, cats in art



Antonio Guzman Capel-8




Antonio Guzman Capel-9



Antonio Guzman Capel-10



Antonio Guzman Capel-11



Antonio Guzman Capel-12



Antonio Guzman Capel-13



Antonio Guzman Capel-14



Antonio Guzman Capel-15




Antonio Guzman Capel-17



Antonio Guzman Capel-18



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