Tama Cat

Tama the stationmaster cat

Tama, the stationmaster of Kishi Station, Wakayama Electric Railway, located in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan photo by Sanpei

Tama (1999-2015) was a stray female calico cat who became the railway station master of Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan in 2007. Tama was not paid a salary, but instead received all the cat food she wanted and a gold name collar. Tama’s main duty was to greet passengers. Due to publicity and her own sweet nature, Tama became well known, and the railway ridership greatly increased. Through the years, Tama was given numerous promotions and more impressive titles. Tama also appeared in magazines, newspapers, and TV shows across Japan. 

The female cat Tama resides since 2007 as a station manager at the Kishi station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture (Japan) Takobou photo credit


She was even given her own office with a private litter box.  After her death at age 16, she was given a Shinto burial and has a Shinto shrine in her memory. Another calico cat, Nitama, who was Tama’s apprentice, took over her position after her death.

Tama cat shinto shrine

Tama’s Shinto Shrine, photo by Kishuji Rapid


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