Cats in Early Modern Period Literature – Beware the Cat 1570

Perhaps not so surprising, the first novel written in English is entitled Beware the Cat by William Baldwin (1515-1563), and includes cats as the main characters. What dog could live up to this claim to fame? First published in 1570, during the Reformation, and set in Ireland, it is a satire on Catholicism; an attack […]

CATS AND WITCHCRAFT (Part 7- The Witchfinder-Matthew Hopkins)

RUTTERKIN: Some years after Topsell’s book was published, (see last week’s post) the witch trials were still quite common.  The trial of Joan Flower and her two daughters Margaret and Phillipa Flower, also known as the witches of Belvoir, took place in 1618.  Joan and Margaret worked for the Earl and Countess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle until Margaret was […]

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