Cats in Film – Miss Paisley’s Cat (1957, Alfred Hitchcock)

Cats in Film-Miss Paisley’s Cat In this Hitchcock film Stanley, the stray cat, gives Miss Paisley the courage to stand up against a vulgar world and commit murder on his behalf.   Originally written in 1953 by Roy Vickers, the story revolves around a lonely spinster’s love for a stray cat, Stanley.  Stanley, the ugly […]

Cats in Film – Shadow of the Cat (1961, British)

SHADOW OF THE CAT In the classic black and white horror film, Shadow of the Cat, Tabitha, the loyal cat, after witnessing her mistress’ brutal murder, plots her cat revenge on the conspirators. Tabitha later literally scares the woman’s husband to death after he tries to convince his niece that the cat and the will […]


History of the Cat in Medieval Literature Tibert the Cat in the fable Reynard the Fox By the 12th century the cat had transitioned from solely a model for illustrations to a full blown character in medieval literature.  The cat’s first starring role was as Tibert in the story Reynard the Fox.  Written by Pierre […]

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