Cat Stories – Steer Wrestling, James A. Murtha

Here is an excerpt from The Adventures of Kalamazoo recently published by James A. Murtha, a cat lover.  If you’d like to read more of his stories, click here to visit his website. One Sunday afternoon, Kalamazoo and I channel-surfed from the couch, for me a mindless respite from the classroom and for him a […]

Cat Poems – Agathias 550AD

Agathias wrote the first poem about a cat in history.  Born in 530AD in Asia Minor, in today’s Turkey, he was known as a poet and a historian of the reign of the Byzantine Roman emperor Justinian I between 552 and 558.     In this poem written in 550AD Agathias mentions a ravenous cat attacking one of his beloved […]


History of the Cat in Medieval Literature Tibert the Cat in the fable Reynard the Fox By the 12th century the cat had transitioned from solely a model for illustrations to a full blown character in medieval literature.  The cat’s first starring role was as Tibert in the story Reynard the Fox.  Written by Pierre […]

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