ORIGINS The fear of Friday the 13th has a long history, and black cats have always been associated with the day as a bad omen.  The superstition revolving around this day may have started in the Middle Ages and is of course associated with Christianity.  At Jesus’s last supper there were 13 apostles on the […]

Cats in 20th Century History (Cats in Music)

As poetry moved to music, so did the cat. Early on, songwriters captured cats in music where they exerted their indomitable influence.  Songs such as the 1891 Johnny Doolan’s Cat sung by Burl Ives    ……and  The Cat Came Back (1893) by Harry S. Miller (lyrics on Youtube) recount how it is impossible to get […]

Cats in the 19th Century (Part 14-Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Cat)

The tormented American poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), had a beloved pet cat named Catterina.  Edgar Allan Poe’s black cat often perched on his shoulders while he wrote as if overseeing his work and would remain there, observed a visitor, “….purring as if in complacent approval of the work proceeding under [her] supervision.”  Catterina […]


No description of the cat and its involvement with witchcraft is complete without the accompanying examples of it as an essential ingredient for magic.  Cats and magic have been inseparable since Egyptian times. The black cat was especially important, as it was commonly believed that the blood of a black cat when mixed with certain herbs was extremely powerful […]

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