Proailurus or Leman’s Dawn Cat

Fossil remains found in France of the Proailurus or Leman’s Dawn Cat,  which evolved from the Miacids, prove that it first appeared about 30 million years ago, and is the common ancestor of the cat family Felidae.

Descended from the Miacids, the Proailurus or Leman’s Dawn Cat appeared about 30 million years ago. Fossils of the Leman’s Dawn Cat found in France are considered to be the remains of the first true cat. After the discovery of the Leman’s Dawn Cat, there are no fossil records of cats for the next 10 million years. This time period is referred to by paleontologists as the “cat gap” and is believed to have been caused by hyper-carnivorousness and climate change. The next notable cat fossil record is of Pseudaelurus , which appeared during the middle of the Miocene period around 20 million years ago.


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