Cats in Film — Nine Lives (2016)

Cats in Film -- Nine Lives (2016) Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken and cat, cat movieNine Lives (2016) is a family film that tells the tale of a billionaire Tom Brand, played by Kevin Spacey, who becomes trapped in the body of a very fluffy cat in order to teach him a lesson of not being a self-absorbed, bad-tempered, bad father.

For his daughter’s 11th birthday, Brand buys his daughter a cat from a very strange store named Purrkins. Christopher Walken, the store owner, Felix Perkins, sells Brand Mr. Fuzzypants. On his way home, Brand has an altercation with one of his underlings and falls and slips into a coma.  This is when Brand then occupies Mr. Fuzzypants’ body.  Now the only one who can communicate with him is Walken who threatens him with being stuck in the cat if he does not change his selfish ways.

Cats in Film -- Nine Lives (2016) Christopher Walken and Fuzzypants Nine Lives (2016) Movie


By the end of the film, Brand realizes and mends his egotistical ways and thus goes back into his own body, and Mr. Fuzzypants goes back to being a normal housecat. The movie did not get good reviews for its general lack of humor and basis in cliché.  Even so, it’s a heartwarming story to watch for cat lovers.


Cats in Film -- Nine Lives (2016) with Kevin Spacey and Mr. Fuzzypants, cat films

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