Cats in 20th Century History (Cats in War-Faith the Church Cat)

Faith the Church Cat


Faith the church cat was awarded a PDSA silver medal for her bravery during the London Blitz on October 12, 1945.  In 1936, Faith, a stray cat, came to take up residence at St. Augustine’s church.  After being turned away three times, Father Henry Ross allowed her to stay.  Even though notices were posted, no one claimed her and so she remained in the church to hunt mice.  Faith regularly attended Sunday services, and sat at the feet of Father Ross while he was at the pulpit. Many parishioners came to adore her.  Not long after her residency in the church, Faith gave birth to a tiny black and white kitten which looked like a panda bear, and so the kitten was named Panda.  In August of 1940, she inexplicably begged Father Ross to open the door to the basement where she carried her lone kitten by the scruff of its neck. Even though Ross tried to return the kitten to the upstairs several times, Faith insisted that the kitten remain in the basement.  On September 9th an air raid destroyed the entire upstairs of the church, but Faith and her kitten survived in the protected basement.  In honor of her bravery a picture of Faith hangs in the church today and underneath it on the Chapel wall are these words:

Our dear little church cat of St. Augustine and St. Faith.
The bravest cat in the world.
On Monday, September 9th, 1940, she endured horrors and perils
beyond the power of words to tell.
Shielding her kitten in a sort of recess in the house (a spot
she selected three days before the tragedy occurred), she
sat the whole frightful night of bombing and fire, guarding her
little kitten.
The roofs and masonry exploded. The whole house blazed. Four
floors fell through in front of her. Fire and water and ruin
all round her.
Yet she stayed calm and steadfast and waited for help.
We rescued her in the early morning while the place was still
burning, and
By the mercy of Almighty God, she and
her kitten were not only saved, but unhurt.
God be praised and thanked for His goodness
and mercy to our dear little pet.



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  1. Rod C McCain says

    One of the loveliest stories I have read ! Very touching !

  2. What a wonderful story about a beautiful cat!

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