Cats in Film – A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

Cats in Film - A Street Cat Named Bob (2016), cat film reviews at The Great CatThe 2016 film A Street Cat Named Bob recounts the life of James Bowen as a recovering heroin addict. While trying to wean himself off drugs, James tries to make a go of performing in Covent Garden by playing his guitar for passersby. Not very successful, he lives from hand to mouth until the ginger cat Bob ( who plays himself in the film) makes an appearance in his flat begging for food.  James’ bond with the cat grows when he discovers Bob needs a vet for a wound on his leg. After that, the two become inseparable and Bob becomes James’ savior as only a cat can.

I highly recommend this film, as it is a happy story of the love that exists between a man and his cat, and most of all, how animals can come into our lives for a purpose. Frankly, I cried through most of it.



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Want to read about the history of the cat in film? Then check out Revered and Reviled: A Complete History of the Domestic Cat. 

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