Cats in Film – Night of a 1,000 Cats (1972)

Not all films, of course, depicted the cat as a loyal companion. The 1972 low budget Mexican film, Night of a 1,000 Cats, also known as Blood Feast, features a serial killer Hugo Stiglitz who feeds the bodies of his victims to caged cats in some sort of demonic ritual.  The cats can be seen as a metaphor for the women he abuses.  Pumped up on testosterone, Stiglitz is the epitome of a male chauvinist bent on the domination and destruction of females.  However, justice prevails at the end of the film when the cats escape their cages and devour Stiglitz himself.  The film has been rated THE worst feline horror film and includes questionable behavior towards the cats especially when Stiglitz grabs a white cat by its neck and hurls it over a fence.    Night of a 1,000 Cats, cats in film

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