Cats in Film – Miss Paisley’s Cat (1957, Alfred Hitchcock)

Cats in Film-Miss Paisley’s Cat

In this Hitchcock film Stanley, the stray cat, gives Miss Paisley the courage to stand up against a vulgar world and commit murder on his behalf.  

Originally written in 1953 by Roy Vickers, the story revolves around a lonely spinster’s love for a stray cat, Stanley.  Stanley, the ugly cat, teaches Miss Paisley how to stand up against others by defeating the vicious attack of a dog.  And from Stanley, she finds the courage to stand up against her brutish neighbor.  Perhaps the naming of the cat, Stanley, was based on the virile character Stanley Kowalski in A Street Car Named Desire produced in the same year.


cats in film, Miss Paisley's cat


Miss Paisley's Cat, cats in film


Miss Paisley's Cat, cats in film

To see the show go to this link Miss Paisley’s Cat. 


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