Alfred Arthur Brunel de Neuville (1852-1941, French)

Alfred Arthur Brunel de Neuville (1852-1941) had by his twenties become a famous animal and still-life artist who remained quite popular throughout his lifetime.  Following in the footsteps of Henriette Ronner-Knip and other 19th century cat artists, his paintings exude a sentimental realist style.  Typical paintings of cats and kittens are set against a dark background with the animals most often portrayed playing with balls of yarn, bugs, birds or just up to general mischief. 




















































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  1. Have print named mixing the colors. By Brunel. #100. Is it worth anything.

    • LA Vocelle says:

      Wonderful that you have such a painting. I suggest you take it to your local art dealer or museum and see if they can help you.

  2. I have painting of cats, Mama and 4 kittens, with red chest in background. Artist name is Jean Meunier. Can’t find any info on this picture. Any help.

    • LA Vocelle says:

      Hi, I have never heard of him before, but after a brief search, I found that he wrote a book Un Mot Sur Les Chats de Lucien Plébus & Jean Meunier I couldn’t find any paintings done by him though.

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