Adolf Von Becker (1831-1909, Finnish)

Adolf von Becker

Adolf Von Becker (1831– 1909, Finnish) born in Helsinki, was one of the first Finnish artists to study in France.  Becker was a realist painter and studied under Gustave Courbet.  Later in 1872 he opened a school in Finland where he taught Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Albert Edelfelt and Helene Schjerfbeck. As the century proceeded, he came under more and more criticism for being too conservative. 

His paintings of cats primarily revolve around quiet domestic scenes with children and their mothers.  Any symbolism is limited to the cat as a representation of motherhood, domesticity and cleanliness.





Adolf von Becker (Finnish, 1831-1909) Cat and Rat 1864

Cat and Rat


Adolf von Becker (Finnish, 1831-1909) Cat and Kittens 1863

Cat and Kittens


Adolf von Becker (Finnish, 1831-1909) Girl and Cat 1879

Girl and Cat


Adolf von Becker (Finnish, 1831-1909) 1871

Family by the Hearth


Adolf von Becker (Finnish, 1831-1909) A French Interior 1868

A French Interior

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