Franco Matticchio (1957 to present, Italian)

Franco Matticchio, photoFranco Matticchio (1957 to present, Italian) is a painter, illustrator and comic book writer. He first published his work in 1979 and has, since that time, published his cartoons and illustrations in many books. In 1999, one of his illustrations was published on the cover of the U.S. magazine The New Yorker.

In his cat cartoons and illustrations, Matticchio catches the essence of cat attitude and behavior in creative, thought provoking ways.








1-Franco Matticchio Cat cartoon



2-Franco Matticchio-Cat Cartoon



3-Franco Matticchio-Cat Cartoon




4-Franco Matticchio-Cat Cartoon



5- Franco Matticchio-Cat Cartoon





6-Franco Matticchio-Cat Illustrations


7-Franco Matticchio-Cat Illustrations



8-Franco Matticchio-Cat Cartoons



9-A rocking-cat Franco Matticchio



10-Franco Matticchio, Cat Cartoons



Franco Matticchio, Cat Cartoons



12-Cat Woman, Franco Matticchio



12-Franco Matticchio-Cat Cartoons



13-Franco Matticchio, Cat Cartoons



14-Franco Matticchio - Trainy Day



15-Franco Matticchio, Cat on Grass



16-Franco Matticchio,Italian artist,illustrator,book illustration (8)



17-Franco Matticchio, Cat Cartoons




18- Franco Matticchio, Cat Cartoons



19-Franco Matticchio, Cat Cartoons



20-Franco Matticchio, Cat Cartoons



21-Franco Matticchio avanti un altro



22-Franco Matticchio gatto



23-Franco Matticchio, cat cartoons



24-Franco Matticchio, cat cartoons



25-Franco Matticchio-katze-auf-heizung



26-Franco Matticchio-Kit-&-Kattic-Cocktail-Party



27-Franco Matticchio, cat cartoons



27-Franco Matticchio, The Dream of he Cat



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