The Cat in History, Art and Literature

This site is for cat lovers who want to follow the cat as it prowls through centuries of history, art and literature.  Starting with the cat’s very beginnings in pre-history, to its rise as a beloved and worshiped goddess, to its demonization, and finally to its gradual climb to its position today as cherished companion and inspiration, The Great Cat will lead you to a complete understanding of the enduring history of our enigmatic feline. 




Photo courtesty of Altes Museum, Berlin





  1. Dear Great Cat – I love your Pinterest boards! Excited that I found your blog!

  2. Finally! A site for cats & their people.

  3. I love this site! Thank you to The Great Cat for helping me to become informed about the history of some of my best pals. I look forward to each new tale. Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Thank You for the welcome!! (”’) (”’)

  5. Wonderful stuff… I wouldn’t call my boys godesses, but I know that Bast watches over them ! Can’t wait to delve into the “The Cat in the Dark Ages”…

  6. Hello, actually I’m writting a essay (thesis) about a history of a cat’s figurations in art (generally in Europe) So I’m searchin for interesting examples (from anciet Egipt till today). I’m looking for thongs sauch as paings, sculpture, phtography, cd covers, posters, book covers illustration. Iknow its too much of it so i pick only very signifacnt and particular ones. I f you guys have something interesting on your ming let men know, i’ll be very gratfull. : )

    • TheGreatCat1 says:

      Hi Karo,
      I think if you visit my Pinterest boards you’ll find what you’re looking for. I have boards on Cats in Art throughout history. Just click on the “Follow Me on Pinterest” and that will take you there.

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