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  1. Marilyn Crowther says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the painting by H.H.Couldery which won the Publisher’s competition in 1881? Information I need for my forthcoming publication.

  2. Not sure how/where to download the free book.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Pinterest boards! You were one of the first pinners I followed when I started on Pinterest in 2009 and I have enjoyed pinning to the Christmas Cats board. If you think I might be a good fit for any others you have, please let me know. Thanks!

    • LA Vocelle says:

      I’m so glad you enjoy my Pinterest boards. I’ve worked hard to put them together. Thanks so much for following!

  4. Carla Pereira says:

    Hi! I just dicovered this web and I’m very happy, I’m a spanish student of History of Art and I’m working in a proyect about cat’s paintings in XIX century, could you recommend some painters who have enough bibliography (books, articles..) for this work? And how I can get your ebook 7 women artists and their cat subject? Thank you very much and congratulations for this amazing web!

    • Hi, thanks for visiting The Great Cat. If you go to the menu, you will se a drop down menu for Cats in Art. Click on Cats in Art 19th century. You will find a list of artists there. You can get the ebook by subscribing to the site. All the best!

  5. Hello…just want to say thank you for the free e-book. Very generous of you. Looking forward to having a good read tonight. Cheers…Ginger

  6. Laurie Bryant says:

    I really enjoyed that story about the unsinkable Sam, what a cat!!

  7. Alès, France

    I am so sorry I don’t understand all the text ! but I love so much cats !

  8. Hello again to my friend Great Cat ☺ Have just enjoyed another of your superb articles (this time on Louis Wain) Hope you continue your mission here and congrats on your coloring books!😸

    • LA Vocelle says:

      Thanks so much for subscribing and following The Great Cat. Hope you continue to enjoy our posts!

  9. Leslie Livingood says:

    I just saw this Q & A site and loved reading people from around the world asking you questions. You are providing a great service to many!

  10. André Fabre says:

    Happy,withGoodAttitude,VeryClean,veryFiercePlayer&Fighter,YetAffectionate!Rare Breed must
    [email protected]

  11. Robert W. Blannin says:

    When growing up My grandmother had the pastel of SAOYAN; A SIAMESE
    I have the Pastel still it is some thing i looked st every day when I was at Grandmothers home. It was in Riverside Calif now in Del Rio TX
    830 775 1351 830 734 3767cell

  12. Anne E Standish Uhe says:

    I have a print of his “Stealing the Cream” Just loved it when I saw it at an Antique store in East Bloomfield, NY. I grew up in that area and have lived in the Midwest since 1962, Presently near Bloomington, IL. I just love his works. Thank you for sharing.

  13. The drawings of those cats are so beutiful! I love them very much!

  14. I’ve only signed up today and haven’t had time to read anything else yet. What I was doing was looking up a particular poem by Petrarch and discovered that he loved his cat so much that he had it mummified and kept it in his house! I think you’d find the story by looking up ‘Petrarch and his cat’.

    I have two female cats (probably a mistake) who both love me but don’t love each other! One is about two feet long and weighs a stone, possibly a
    Maine Coon cross; she’s called Squeaky as she says eee, eee, eee as soon as she comes through the catflap and all the way upstairs until she finds me. The other, Pussycat, is a mixture of things like Abyssinian, with pretty little white paws and a spotted coat.

  15. Andre Fabre says:


  16. Andre Fabre says:


  17. I fell in love with your site… it’s truly awesome…I am not a cat lover, but you make your visitors start love those rascals!!! thank you for accepted me!


  19. What an interesting and delicate work! I live in Buenos Aires and I love cats. I read slowly because I am learning english. That’s why I beg you to apologize for my mistakes. An you can correct them please, If you do not mind.
    Thank you very much. Emi

    • Thank you for visiting the website. I hope you continue to visit and enjoy our posts. If you have subscribed, you will get weekly posts on cats in art, literature and history.

  20. Thank for the site. I have read that Charles Dickens cat would sit by his side late at night while.he wrote and when the cat thought it was time for Dickens to get to bed he would wave his paw above the candle to put it out

  21. Greg OBrien says:

    I bought Revered and Reviled on February 11 2017. That’s what the receipt says. I lent the book to my mother and forgot about it until I saw it laying on her kitchen table. After picking it up and starting to read it, I couldn’t put it down. This is a fantastically interesting book. I won’t be lending it out again. Sorry mom! I’ll recommend it to everyone I know.It’s that good! I also have 4 feral kittens that turned into cool house cats. Samson only has 3 legs as I found him on an highway overpass after being hit by a car. His right arm was almost off. $1800 later I had a 2 month old feral 3 legged cat. Purringest cat I’ve ever had. He thinks he is the king but my older much bigger Main Coon Max puts him in his res pective place. Ellie Mae just walked into my house when she was about 2.5 months old. And 2 year old Sparky is a farm kitten I got for Samson when he was only 5 weeks old. Big orange tabby cat now, about 16 pounds. Nicest cat I ever had. Anyway, this is my all time favorite book. Thank You for writing such a great book. Greg.

    • WOW! Thanks so much…you made my day! So glad you enjoyed the book Revered and Reviled. You are obviously a great cat lover. What a wonderful job you are doing at rescuing those needy poor souls. I’m sure you will be repaid with their love.

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