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  1. Marilyn Crowther says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the painting by H.H.Couldery which won the Publisher’s competition in 1881? Information I need for my forthcoming publication.

  2. Not sure how/where to download the free book.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Pinterest boards! You were one of the first pinners I followed when I started on Pinterest in 2009 and I have enjoyed pinning to the Christmas Cats board. If you think I might be a good fit for any others you have, please let me know. Thanks!

    • LA Vocelle says:

      I’m so glad you enjoy my Pinterest boards. I’ve worked hard to put them together. Thanks so much for following!

  4. Carla Pereira says:

    Hi! I just dicovered this web and I’m very happy, I’m a spanish student of History of Art and I’m working in a proyect about cat’s paintings in XIX century, could you recommend some painters who have enough bibliography (books, articles..) for this work? And how I can get your ebook 7 women artists and their cat subject? Thank you very much and congratulations for this amazing web!

    • Hi, thanks for visiting The Great Cat. If you go to the menu, you will se a drop down menu for Cats in Art. Click on Cats in Art 19th century. You will find a list of artists there. You can get the ebook by subscribing to the site. All the best!

  5. Hello…just want to say thank you for the free e-book. Very generous of you. Looking forward to having a good read tonight. Cheers…Ginger

  6. Laurie Bryant says:

    I really enjoyed that story about the unsinkable Sam, what a cat!!

  7. Alès, France

    I am so sorry I don’t understand all the text ! but I love so much cats !

  8. Hello again to my friend Great Cat ☺ Have just enjoyed another of your superb articles (this time on Louis Wain) Hope you continue your mission here and congrats on your coloring books!😸

    • LA Vocelle says:

      Thanks so much for subscribing and following The Great Cat. Hope you continue to enjoy our posts!

  9. Leslie Livingood says:

    I just saw this Q & A site and loved reading people from around the world asking you questions. You are providing a great service to many!

  10. André Fabre says:

    Happy,withGoodAttitude,VeryClean,veryFiercePlayer&Fighter,YetAffectionate!Rare Breed must

  11. Robert W. Blannin says:

    When growing up My grandmother had the pastel of SAOYAN; A SIAMESE
    I have the Pastel still it is some thing i looked st every day when I was at Grandmothers home. It was in Riverside Calif now in Del Rio TX
    830 775 1351 830 734 3767cell

  12. Anne E Standish Uhe says:

    I have a print of his “Stealing the Cream” Just loved it when I saw it at an Antique store in East Bloomfield, NY. I grew up in that area and have lived in the Midwest since 1962, Presently near Bloomington, IL. I just love his works. Thank you for sharing.

  13. The drawings of those cats are so beutiful! I love them very much!

  14. I’ve only signed up today and haven’t had time to read anything else yet. What I was doing was looking up a particular poem by Petrarch and discovered that he loved his cat so much that he had it mummified and kept it in his house! I think you’d find the story by looking up ‘Petrarch and his cat’.

    I have two female cats (probably a mistake) who both love me but don’t love each other! One is about two feet long and weighs a stone, possibly a
    Maine Coon cross; she’s called Squeaky as she says eee, eee, eee as soon as she comes through the catflap and all the way upstairs until she finds me. The other, Pussycat, is a mixture of things like Abyssinian, with pretty little white paws and a spotted coat.

  15. Andre Fabre says:


  16. Andre Fabre says:


  17. I fell in love with your site… it’s truly awesome…I am not a cat lover, but you make your visitors start love those rascals!!! thank you for accepted me!

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