1146454_10152110822458701_570937465_nHistory, art, literature and CATS are my greatest loves, and I can’t think of any better way to combine them than to research and write about the cat’s relationship with man throughout history.  Following the cat’s journey, sometimes glorious and pampered, sometimes dangerous and deadly, can only lead to a better understanding of our own past and beliefs.  

I dedicate this history to all my past and present feline companions:  Beasty Godzilla (RIP), PC Ma (RIP), Sphinxus Aurelius Rexus, Imperious Maximus Nero, Beseechy Runtus (RIP), Ruby the Cutey (RIP), Neechia and Tibby as well as to all those who truly love cats. 

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L.A. Vocelle has a Master’s of Education and teaching English from George Washington University, Washington, D.C., as well as  undergraduate degrees in history and political science.  She is the creator and founder of the website The Great Cat, www.thegreatcat.org, and a member of the Cat Writers’ Association.  She has published several books: 7 Women Artists and their Cat Subjects (2013), Ancient Egyptian Cats: A Coloring Book for Adults and Children (2015), and Medieval Cats Coloring Book for Cat Lovers (2016). Her free time is devoted to serving the wishes of her four rescue cats.

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  1. I am pleased to have found this FABULOUS site. I look forward to reading more about the history of the cat and his/her relationship with humankind. I am positive you will make your feline (and human) friends quite proud!

  2. Very neat blog .. I hope you will include somewhere my two favorites:

    – Norton the Cat who went to Paris – book by Peter Gethers – really an influential cat, unusual as he was both a smart cat *and* had a master with whom he could actually communicate; Norton actually helped change Peter G’s career from editor at Hutton to freelance editor.. and helped convince a secretive Italian cook to share her secrets in a now famous cookbook.. her restaurant gained fame and she opened an inn …

    – A friend once gave me this book, featuring Ernie the Cat by Tony Mendoza – he’s done some of the most interesting cat photos I’ve ver seen. He did them when he first arrived in NYC, Ernie was his roomate’s pet and as he didn’t have a lot of money at the time, he ended up shooting Ernie a lot. Lucky for him Ernie was quite a character.
    One of Mendoza’s shots of Ernie from accad.osu.edu/~tmendoza

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