Acacia Cat Tree Bamboo Amber Vertical

This stylish Acacia cat tree will be an asset to any decor.  Standing 36″ this cat tree can be used with all cats no matter their age, size or abilities.  No corrugated cardboard is used, thus there is no mess to clean up.  Instead the tree is laminated with 100% recycled wood fiber core which sits safely on non-skid rubber feet.  The Velcro backed removable inserts allow vacuuming or replacement.  Not just a cat tree, but a lovely stream lined accessory as well.

Made in the USA, Assembly required

Warranty: Manufacturer provides a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase.

Colors:  Black, White or Bamboo amber vertical

Insert Variety:  mohair beta fish, mohair black cat, mohair chincilla, mohair hamster, plush lime or plush pewter.

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